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Submissions – Religio et Lex


Religio et Lex: Contemplations on Religion & Law – a new on-line liberal arts journal under the auspices of the Robert Nusbaum Center (formerly the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom) at Virginia Wesleyan University – seeks submissions of quality papers on any aspect of the intersection of religion(s) and law, including the experience of religious adherents under secular legal systems and examinations of religious legal systems (Canon, Halakhah, Sharia, etc.).

Papers accepted for publication will be placed in one of three sections:

  • High-quality undergraduate student research papers, including papers submitted for undergraduate classes or independent studies;
  • High-quality graduate student papers, from all disciplines (all areas of the liberal arts, law, and theology), including papers submitted for seminars or derivatives from longer works (theses, dissertations); and
  • Faculty / practitioner reflections, including case studies, discussions of classroom issues, and experiences related to the intersection of religion(s) and law.

Papers of no more than 8,000 words should be submitted as email attachments (as WORD or PDF files) to the journal’s Faculty Advisor (Eric Mazur: emazur@vwu.edu). Please indicate institutional affiliation and education level. Undergraduate papers should be submitted with an accompanying faculty recommendation; graduate papers will be subject to appropriate peer review. Faculty / practitioner papers will be edited for style and content.