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Journal Masthead – Religio et Lex

Journal Masthead

Managing Editor

Eric Michael Mazur
Religion, Law, & Politics Fellow
Robert Nusbaum Center
(formerly the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom)
Virginia Wesleyan University

Faculty Advisory Board

Greta Austin, University of Puget Sound

Jeffrey A. Brauch, Regent University School of Law

Dena Davis, Lehigh University

Donald Davis, Jr., University of Texas, Austin

Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand, Middle Tennessee State University

Kathleen Moore, University of California, Santa Barbara

Tisa Wenger, Yale University

Religio et Lex is produced under the auspices of the Robert Nusbaum Center, (formerly the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom) and is supported by a generous Digital Pedagogy grant from the  Virginia Wesleyan University. All opinions stated herein are solely those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Center or the University.

The Robert Nusbaum Center

The Robert Nusbaum Center (formerly the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom) is one of the few programs of its kind operating within an undergraduate liberal arts university in the United States. Since its inception in 1996, the Center has brought individuals and communities into deep and meaningful dialogue about the most important values in society. The Center is grounded in Virginia Wesleyan University’s commitment to a rigorous liberal arts education and its United Methodist heritage, which has long recognized religious freedom as a basic human right. The Center aims to create a civil society through education, respectful dialogue, and mutual understanding and is dedicated to equipping students to be leaders and citizens who understand how the reconciliation of religious differences creates the most meaningful opportunities for civil solutions to difficult and urgent problems.

Virginia Wesleyan University

Recognized as a green college and named one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduate education by The Princeton Review, Virginia Wesleyan University is a private, four-year liberal arts college focused on empowering students to become active learners and engaged citizens. In accord with the College’s United Methodist heritage, Virginia Wesleyan aspires to be a supportive community that is committed to social responsibility, ethical conduct, higher learning and religious freedom. The University is located on a picturesque 300-acre campus on the border of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia.